Woodstock | The Real Stress Of ‘Mocks’
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The Real Stress Of ‘Mocks’

26 Mar The Real Stress Of ‘Mocks’

With mock exams around the corner, stress levels are rising. Nevertheless, Woodstock students seem to find a way to deal with it.

Here are some stress-busting tips from our students:

“Eat. Just eat. Just eat a lot of chocolates.”

“Watch YouTube videos like Punjabi comedians, superwoman and Michelle Phan.”

“Call your mom. She will always make you feel better.”


“Scream and cry. Sometimes it’s better to let it out.”

“Do something to distract you from workloads; like sleep for a while.”



“Watch an interesting movie or a documentary.”

“Make art.”

“Look at clothes online.”

“Talk to your friends about it.”


The most popular answer though, was this: “STARE AT NOTHING.”

These are some tips that would help you get through the week before quarter break. Hope you do well in your exams and have a relaxing and refreshing quarter break!



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