Woodstock | There and Back Again: Student Exchanges
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There and Back Again: Student Exchanges

27 Feb There and Back Again: Student Exchanges

Exploring new cultures and making friends from all over the world is at the heart of a Woodstock education. This semester, we have five 9th Grade students on exchange. Neel and Cassidy will be studying at The Grange School in Chile this semester, Tanishq will be at The Armidale School in Australia, Shubham will be at St Phillip’s College in Australia and Hyunyoung will be at King’s Academy in Jordan. We also have a 10th Grade student, Tara, on a special exchange to St Agnes Lycee in France. We wish them the best with their adventures and know that they will return to Woodstock having made new friends, experienced a new culture and broadened their horizon.

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