Woodstock | Visiting Bhutan And Alumni
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Visiting Bhutan And Alumni

06 Nov Visiting Bhutan And Alumni

Woodstock’s  association with Bhutan is a cherished one.


The first Bhutanese student graduated from Woodstock in 1988; we have 16 students from the Land of the Thunder Dragon enriching the Woodstock experience.


Sanjaya Mark, Director of Community Engagement at Woodstock school recently returned from Bhutan; she relates her experience after meeting up with WS alumni. “The relatively longer  mid-term break in October this year made it possible for us to visit Bhutan at a time when the weather was perfect.  Ajay and I have spent most of our lives in the Himalayan mountains – in Darjeeling and in Mussoorie, never forgetting our lovely locations.  However, visiting Bhutan was an impressive lesson on how well it has preserved its spectacular natural beauty, kept its rich culture intact and preserved its historical monuments, dzongs and monasteries. The most wonderful moments were spent with Woodstock alumni – most of whom were either our students or advisees.   They ranged from very recent graduates to the Class of 1988 who were the first we saw to graduate out of Woodstock.   It was a pleasure to see each one of them doing very well in their adult life.   The best part of the visit to Bhutan was the time when we remembered and laughed over stories and incidents from our shared times at Woodstock. These seemed never ending. These are times which each one of us treasure and are the reason why our relationship  remain strong; it does not matter if we do not meet for years! It made us proud to see that most of our alumni are working on strengthening Bhutan’s economy by providing excellent services in the tourism industry or are engaged in the Government’s administrative services.”

-Sanjaya Mark

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