Woodstock | Welcoming Back ‘The Dance’
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Welcoming Back ‘The Dance’

26 Feb Welcoming Back ‘The Dance’

Woodstock is a school of countless traditions, many of which go back to its foundation in 1854. From attending the monthly chapel, to playing the annual Win Mumby matches, Woodstock students never miss out on anything. Our school’s age and history, combined with its community has created a culture that allows us all to do what we love. We have a countless number of special events to celebrate many occasions; however, one event which we all love a lot is the upper years Welcome Back Dance.

The Welcome Back Dance takes place at the start of each new semester/half year. Like the name suggests, the dance takes place to ‘welcome back’ students from their long vacations. This dance is almost always the first social event of the semester and gives students a chance to get to know each other better, and share experiences from the break. It also helps new students adapt to Woodstock’s atmosphere, and fall in love with its friendliness.

Another thing that makes the Welcome Back Dance so special is that it is almost entirely organized by students. The Student Council puts a lot of effort in making sure that we have chaperones, appropriate music, and eats for the dance. Believe it or not, the kids in Woodstock’s student council are some of the most enduring kids in the world and organizing a Welcome Back Dance within two days of returning from vacations is no easy task; even so, they somehow always manage to do it well.

This year’s welcome back dance was another great success. Although it took place in the school’s ‘Parker hall’ instead of hostel, we still had a lot of fun. Yes, none of us are professional dancers, but jumping around to the beat of a song with no one to judge us was strangely satisfying. However, the welcome back dance wasn’t only about dancing; we also got great food in the school’s dining hall and had an amazing time afterwards too. One thing that is great about all of Woodstock’s evening events is the walk back to dorms, and even though we all get tired, we always have big smiles on our faces because we enjoy it a lot.

Yes, the welcome back dance isn’t as big an event as our school’s highly reputed Win Mumby basketball tournament, or our Model United Nations conference, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating every minute of it. This is definitely one of those events that we will remember in the future.

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