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What is E.R.A. ?

31 Jul What is E.R.A. ?

“The most important fact about the subject of education is that there is no such thing.

Education is not a subject, and it does not deal in subjects. It is instead the transfer of a way of life.”

G.K. Chesterton

At Woodstock School, we believe that education is fundamentally about learning to live well. Through their time at Woodstock, we enable students to live well, to live fully—a balanced, whole, and meaningful existence that explores their full potential.  To this end, we have broken the traditional view of a school curriculum that is strictly limited to classroom learning.  In fact, the word ‘curriculum’ comes from the Latin word for ‘running a course’, or even for a ‘racing chariot.’ The word curriculum itself holds the idea of a journey.  Each individual course or enrichment experience at Woodstock School is a journey contained within a larger, deeper journey of development and maturation.

Our ‘Curriculum’ begins the moment a student steps on campus and ends when a student leaves our gates for the last time. We continue to refine our “Big C” Curriculum, a curriculum which encompasses our academic program and our residence program, along with shaping a vast array of activities and opportunities into one cohesive enrichment program. We want students to feel that their life makes sense, that they are developing and growing, and most importantly, that they are going somewhere significant with their lives.


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