Woodstock | Why I Joined WS T.R.I.B.E (Traditions, Ideas And Beliefs Explored)
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Why I Joined WS T.R.I.B.E (Traditions, Ideas And Beliefs Explored)

10 Mar Why I Joined WS T.R.I.B.E (Traditions, Ideas And Beliefs Explored)

Photo by Anjuri

Photo by Anjuri

By Tseki  – Student

The world is a chasm. A chasm or emptiness stretching far and wide as more and more people lose their ability to have peaceful discussions leading to understanding. Discussions where no offence is taken to what others believe. Discussions where people are deliberately willing to put on the another person’s shoes.

WS T.R.I.B.E (Traditions, Ideas and Beliefs Explored) brings to Woodstock the opportunity for students like me  to debate, express our views and question religions openly. In our judgemental communities today,we as  people are afraid to fulfil our curiosities about life, values and especially faith. Afraid, that our anomalous questioning might earn us criticism. Fearful, that unexpected curiosity maybe interpreted as rebellious acts by parents who are known to say, “God said so and therefore we do not question it”.

We are brave enough to only ponder upon these thoughts privately. Sometimes, our conversations in school appear superficial and  meaningless. There are so many unanswered questions; a sense of dissatisfaction that gnaws at our insides.

WS T.R.I.B.E  is a celebration of the fact that there are multiple traditions, both religious and non-religious in our midst, and an attempt to begin to respectfully engage this plurality in some sort of on line forum. -Brian Dunn, Chaplain

Attending WS T.R.I.B.E as part of  PASSAGE, I found people  willing to listen versus  merely argue. It’s a platform I feel where one  student’s doubts can lead to another students’s answer. It proved to me at least that esoteric philosophical debates can sometimes  find a peaceful dwelling. WS T.R.I.B.E  gives students like me an opportunity to defend our own values and strengthen our confidence in religion.  I found the world’s chasms can be filled with a small effort like listening.

Last week was out first meeting at T.R.I.B.E  students shared why they joined the group. As we shared our reasons around the circle, I realized that the purpose I joined was to know if the things I was taught to value are the only things I truly value.

As a young child I was brought up in a Tibetan Buddhist lifestyle. I’m not saying I don’t believe in Tibetan Buddhism, but it arouses the question: what if I was brought up with another religion? Would my life be different? Ever since I was a young child, I always sat with my family and prayed in the evenings. However in school, I sang Christian hymns. I wondered if I were a traitor to my Buddhist beliefs. Was it right for me to be singing to Christ?

People claim to believe in a religion but what if there are some things they disagree about with their own religion; does that make them less loyal to that religion? Woodstock has a diversity of beliefs and faiths, and through WS T.R.I.B.E we students are given the chance to question their inscrutable curiosities. For me, T.R.I.B.E shows that I’m not alone in the struggle to find answers.

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