Woodstock | “Will I Die a Muslim?” -Raad Rahman, Class of 2002
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“Will I Die a Muslim?” -Raad Rahman, Class of 2002

Raad Rahman via Guernica

23 Nov “Will I Die a Muslim?” -Raad Rahman, Class of 2002

Raad Rahman writes about the reality of being a Muslim post Paris attacks.  An absolutely must read.

“But I am done apologizing for extremist obscenities, because these extremist acts are not occurring in my name, and I have absolutely nothing to do with them.”-Raad Rahman

Click her to read her article (via Guernicamag.com):  https://www.guernicamag.com/daily/raad-rahman-will-i-die-a-muslim/

Raad Rahman is a novelist and a communications specialist on children’s rights issues. Her human rights experience spans six countries and three continents. Her work has appeared on UNICEF, Global Voices Online, Al Jazeera, as well as several international publications. She is the author of Framed Butterflies, and is currently completing a crime investigation novel. She oscillates between New York, London, and Dhaka, and writes about art, politics, and human rights on her blog, Wonder Sonder. Harvard’s Kennedy School named her an Emerging Leader in 2013. Rahman is the recipient of residencies, fellowships, and awards from the OMI International Arts Center, Open Society Foundation, and Bard College. via Guernicamag.com

A previous article written by Raad about Woodstock.  https://wondersonder.wordpress.com/2014/04/03/160-reasons-why-indias-woodstock-school-is-truly-exceptional/


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