Woodstock | Woodstock Recieves High Marks from MSA
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Woodstock Recieves High Marks from MSA

17 Feb Woodstock Recieves High Marks from MSA

Woodstock receives its accreditation from The Middle States Associations of Colleges and Schools Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools, or MSA for short. In December, we submitted an extensive mid-term report for their consideration. Today we received a letter from MSA expressing their confidence in Woodstock’s progress.

“The change, growth and improvement that you have reported is quite outstanding and demonstrates the positive results of careful analysis of the school community and reflection on Woodstock’s identity and purpose. Congratulations on the new direction the school has set for itself, its students and the identification of desired results that will reach out beyond the school.  We have noted the changes and reworking of the objectives for the purpose of achieving greater alignment with the school’s new strategic plan. We are impressed with the scope of the changes you have made in finances, governance, the reconfiguration of the school’s divisions, both philosophically and in practice, and applaud the recommitment to the school’s faith, its focus on diversity, and the creation of “Eliciting Greatness.”

Today we celebrate this affirmation from our accrediting body. Woodstock students, staff, parents and alumni around the globe should be proud of our history and where Woodstock stands today. While much has been accomplished to get us where we are today, much work remains to turn our aspirations into reality.

Palma Non Sine Pulvere!

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