Woodstock | Is Woodstock Right For Me?
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Is Woodstock Right For Me?

A Love of Learning and a Sense of Adventure


What We Share In Common Defines Us More Than How We Differ.


Approximately half of the 150 Woodstock staff come from India, with the other half coming from all over the world including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Korea, New Zealand and South Africa. Many are Christians, but you will also find followers of different world faiths here, including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism, among others. While the cultural diversity of our staff and students is a central part of who we are as a community, what we share in common defines us more than how we differ. Among these things is a love of learning, an appreciation of the Indian Himalayan environment, a commitment to a shared vision and a sense of adventure.


Woodstock is very family-friendly and a great place to bring up children. Not only are they surrounded by others from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, but they have a forest playground complete with monkeys. At the last count there were more than thirty families with children either at the school or still too young to attend, so there are plenty of opportunities for those with children of similar ages to get together and offer mutual support.


Mussoorie is a small town, vibrant and colourful, and a great place to walk through and enjoy a meal at many of the local Indian, Chinese and Tibetan restaurants. The most accessible leisure pursuits for those of any age involve the outdoors. There are many spectacular walks around and near the campus, and a taxi or motorbike ride will get you to some wonderful areas of natural beauty for hiking, trekking or camping.


Among the many advantages to living and working in a small community is the emphasis on sharing meals, watching films together, camping, taking road trips with friends, playing music together, or gathering to play ‘Settlers of Catan’ on a rainy night. Want to find out more? Read Is Woodstock Right for Me?

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