Woodstock | WOSA tea: Class of 2012 is welcomed
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WOSA tea: Class of 2012 is welcomed

26 May WOSA tea: Class of 2012 is welcomed

Development Associates, Isabella Vogel and Phuriwat Chiraphisit attended the WOSA tea. Phuriwat supplied the photos and Isabella the story.

Alumni: a word that is disconnected from students yet in another way their ultimate destiny. This weekend Woodstock hosted its annual Woodstock Old Student Association (WOSA) tea. It is a momentous occasion which signifies the metamorphosis of a senior into alumnus.

An alumnus, an old student! Graduation is soon, and this was the first event on the path of the class of 2012 to saying goodbye to school. WOSA is a wonderful way for alumni to stay connected to the school and the larger Woodstock community.

What began as a sunny May afternoon soon turned into a rainy day, yet the weather did not dampen the atmosphere at the gathering. The class of ’87 was present to celebrate their 25 year reunion. Members of the ’87 class, along with the other alumni present, shared their experiences with the gathered throng. Laughter resonated out of the quad as the WOSA members (old and new) shared their tales. To top it all off there were wonderful musical performances. A group of this year’s seniors performed Wonderwall and What a Wonderful World.

The afternoon would of course not have been complete without the singing of the Woodstock song Shadows.

Reflecting on the entire experience, current senior, Luniva Shakya, said that at the WOSA tea it hit her that graduation is coming. The class of 2012 is on its way to becoming part of WOSA.

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