Admissions for Diplomatic and International Organization Families

Admissions for Diplomatic and International Organization Families


Woodstock School has a long history of providing an exceptional educational experience for the children of families working in diplomatic or international organization assignments in Asia and beyond. With a diverse staff and student body, and a modern, progressive approach to education and enrichment, Woodstock School become a home away from home for multiple generations of expatriate children. We understand that the dynamic nature of diplomatic and international careers can mean frequent moves, and changes in country context. The wide variety of life experiences is a common characteristic of Woodstock students.


However, changes in school can also present challenges for students, particularly at pivotal points in their educational journey, when they have developed networks of lifelong friends and productive relationships with their teachers. Given the choice, many would prefer to continue high school in an environment where they are socially established, comfortable and motivated. For families planning ahead, the choice of a boarding school may be based in a desire to provide a greater degree of social and educational continuity for their children amid global contexts of increasing uncertainty and unpredictably disruptive events. Just a few hours away from Delhi, and a short flight from other cities, Woodstock is a world apart. The school offers an escape from pollution and other challenges of life in busy cities, to an oasis of natural beauty set in the Indian Himalayas. Based in Landour, on the outskirts of the Indian hill-station of Mussoorie, Woodstock combines the latest infrastructure of the modern world, deeply rooted in a historically notable locale, with the security of a physically safe and environmentally protected campus.


As Woodstock offers both a U.S. High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma, our students have the ideal foundation to secure their choice in further education opportunities, wherever in the world they choose to pursue secondary education.


Educational Continuity Guarantee for U.S. Foreign Service Families


In recognition of a long history of Woodstock’s alumni serving in the U.S. diplomatic corps and military, we have developed an innovative mechanism to enable greater security for USG-employed families seeking a quality residential education option in the South Asian subcontinent. For U.S. Foreign Service (DoS, USAID, FCS, FAS, as well as DoD and any PSCs assigned under Chief of Mission authority) we offer an Educational Continuity Guarantee enabling an enrolled student to maintain their status at Woodstock regardless of changes in assignment location, including return to the United States (and discontinuation of the educational allowance.) If you are interested in finding out more about the Educational Continuity Guarantee, our Director of Admissions, Vidur Kapur, would be happy to share the full program details with you.


If you are a diplomatic (non-US) or international organization family interested in exploring the development of an educational continuity mechanism, we welcome your interest as well. Please contact Woodstock’s Director of Admissions,, to start the discussion.