Woodstock | Homecoming and Mela
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Homecoming and Mela

Woodstock Homecoming and Mela

15 – 17 November 2019


This November marks the return of an annual event dating back to 1924. Traditionally celebrated in the spring, the Woodstock Sale, Spring Sale or June Sale was an opportunity to celebrate the school, enjoy good food, watch performances and do a lot of shopping! Proceeds from the sale would be used for student related projects around the school.


This year, we bring this time honoured tradition back, in November, as the Woodstock Homecoming and Mela. In what will now be an annual eventevery fall, we look forward to welcoming you for a weekend of looking back at your time at Woodstock. With a dinner hosted by the Alumni and Development Office, a documentary film festival hosted by the Hanifl Centre, Mela stalls hosted by students, food and craft vendors from across Mussoorie and Dehradun, nature walks in Jabarkhet Nature Reserve, musical performances from students and so much more, we hope to see you on the hillside in a few months.

Schedule of events


8 – 15th November: Alumni Trek to Darwa Pass in Western Garwahl

Click here to read the detailed notes.

15th November (evening): Alumni and Development Dinner at the Quad Dining Hall from 6.30pm – 9.30pm

16th November:

  • Documentary Film Festival
  • Christmas Shopping Fair
  • Food Stalls
  • Mela hosted by Woodstock students
  • Musical Performances
  • Tours of the School & Dorms
  • Silent Auction

17th November 2018:

  • Sunday Service at St Paul’s Church, Char Dukan
  • Nature Walk at the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve from 8.30 am to 12 pm.

Note: This walk will be led by Dr Sejal Worah, who is currently the Director of Programmes as WWF India based in New Delhi is the co-founder and Managing Director of the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve (JNR) in Mussoorie. Sejal spent her childhood summers in Mussoorie, where her family still has a home. After many years of working and travelling in other parts of India and the world, she returned to a Mussoorie which was very different from the place she remembered. Flag Hill and Jabarkhet were places she had fond memories of but which had suffered from years of neglect with open access and lack of ownership. Getting in touch with the owner of the land, Vipul Jain, also a Woodstock alumni, she proposed the setting up of JNR, which would be the state’s first private nature reserve. The aim of JNR is to conserve the ecology of the area, provide livelihoods to the local communities, and create a model to demonstrate that conservation is a sustainable economic model for private forest owners and villagers. JNR was conceptualised about five years ago and has been up and running for three years. During this time, it has become established as a nature destination for people visiting Mussoorie, has created local jobs and livelihoods and is on it’s way to becoming a model for private conservation initiatives.