Personal Counselling
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Personal Counselling

At Woodstock School Relationships Are Important


Our counsellors are here to listen and help with life’s challenges


Counselling offers a safe, confidential space where students can speak to a caring professional who will support and guide them as they process through difficulties and learn more about themselves and others. Some of the reasons why students turn to counseling include homesickness, to enhance their communication skills, and to help develop life-coping strategies.


Counselling assists in personal growth and in helping children resolve any personal or social roadblocks. Students may seek counseling to learn skills for resolving conflict or in learning to effectively communicate with others. They may also wish to learn about their own psychological development, their personality type, and what motivates them. For many people, the simple act of talking through a problem is enough to help them find a solution.


It’s not usual for any child to experience some anxiety and sadness as a normal part of growing up. If, however, this becomes a roadblock to their learning and adapting, our counsellors are available to help the students work through and resolve the issue.

  • Binu Thomas, Personal Counseller

    Ms Thomas holds Masters degrees in Psychology and Clinical Mental Health. She is currently completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy. She has more than 15 years’ experience in the field of Mental Health, especially with children and adolescents. Before coming to Woodstock, Ms Thomas worked as a Mental Health Case Manager in Toronto, Canada.


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