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We are excited for your return to the campus and look forward to seeing you again. You will enjoy revisiting some of your old hangouts and will appreciate seeing the new upgrades as well. We encourage alumni to connect with our students and community and would love to hear if you would be interested in leading a talk, discussion, or workshop at school during your visit. We will also be happy to organize what many alumni say gas been a highlight of their visit: a campus tour with our student interns! If you are planning a visit, please complete the form below and we will send you information about the next steps required. Please note that arrangements for school sessions, interactions, and tours generally require a notice of at least one week. See you soon in the Advancement and Alumni Office (in the upper level of the quad near the quad guest rooms)!



COVID-19 Campus visit considerations – We are requiring all visitors to take added precautions to protect our campus community.




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    Normal tour timings in the Dorm Residences are the mornings (10 am) and School Tour in the afternoon (2 pm onwards)
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