Giving – Frequently Asked Questions
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Giving – Frequently Asked Questions

We rely on our Woodstock community — current parents, alumni, board members and friends — to help ensure our ability to offer an exceptional education to all our students.


Contributions touch every aspect of the school, from scholarships for students, professional development opportunities for staff, academic and extracurricular programs in science, performing arts, sports, outdoor education, and infrastructure projects like updating academic campus building, staff and employee housing and more.


On an annual basis, your gifts helps us apply financial resources to the areas of greatest need. Your participation ensures the school’s solid financial future and inspires others to support and  invest in the school. Below are common questions and answers about our annual giving programme. For more information, please contact the Advancement Office at

What is annual giving and the Woodstock Fund for Excellence?

Annual giving focuses on the school’s annual fundraising priority. Each year, all members of our community (parents, alumni, board members, staff and friends) are asked to make a donation to Woodstock. The revenues raised through our annual giving programme support the Woodstock Fund for Excellence. This is our unrestricted fund, which means we can support projects and initiatives where resources are required most. In doing so it helps provide our students with an exemplary Woodstock education now and into the future.


Why is annual giving so important? What does it fund?

Tuition covers the majority of the school’s annual budget; annual giving and other major gifts pays for the essentials needed for excellence, and for projects and programmes required to sure that the school stays relevant into the future.


How much am I expected to give?

Our request is that you consider making Woodstock one of your primary philanthropic priorities. We ask that you contribute at a level that is personally meaningful and that makes sense for you and your family. Gifts range from tens to thousands of ruppees or dollars. Every gift is greatly valued and deeply appreciated.


Why is a gift of ANY size important to the Woodstock Fund for Excellence?

Support of the Woodstock Fund for Excellence represents your belief in the continuation of the Woodstock School mission and your dedication to the maintenance of this vision for current and future students. Your gift of any amount demonstrates to our alumni, past/current parents and foundations your continued commitment to the Woodstock community. Small gifts add together to become large ventures.


Can I designate my gift?

Unrestricted gifts from donors (gifts that can be applied where needed most) provide Woodstock with the greatest degree of flexibility to respond to needs that arise throughout the year. However, donors may direct their contribution to one of the specific programmes – simply specify which area you want to support when you make your donation. 


I’m not sure which fund to support. Which is the most useful for Woodstock?

Which ever fund you choose to support, you can rest assured that your donation will be put to work as effectively as possible. But if you’re not sure which area you want to support, a donation to the Woodstock Fund for Excellence gives the school the most flexibility to use the money where the community needs it most. As the fund is unrestricted, Woodstock can use the money to support the highest priority projects and initiatives.


Who is asked to contribute to the Woodstock Fund for Excellence?

The Woodstock Fund for Excellence helps support the ENTIRE Woodstock community; accordingly, we seek help from the worldwide community of past and present parents, alumni, board members, friends and staff.


Can I make a gift to the Woodstock Fund for Excellence over a period of time?

Consider a monthly or a sustained gift. A sustaining gift gives you control of your monthly expenses but also demonstrates your fiscal support of Woodstock’s current and future mission. The monthly charge on your credit card can be cancelled at any time on your request.


Is my gift tax-deductible?

Gifts made directly to Woodstock School by residents of India are eligible for tax benefit under section 80G. Gifts made by residents of the US to the Friends of Woodstock Foundation, which is a United States IRS-recognized not-for-profit/ 501(3)(c) organization, are eligible for tax benefit in the US. Donations by non-Indian residents, who are not eligible for (or do not require) tax relief in the US or India can be made directly to Woodstock School. Donors may qualify for tax benefits in accordance with the laws of their respective countries.


How does the Woodstock Fund for Excellence affect Woodstock’s operating budget?

Each year Woodstock School depends on a combination of fee income and charitable contributions to achieve its educational objectives. Contributions to the Woodstock Fund for Excellence meet immediate needs and are allocated towards capital project improvements such as staff and employee housing, special student projects and professional development opportunities for staff.


Do all international independent schools like Woodstock fundraise?

Yes, most international independent schools fund-raise. Tuition is the ‘price tag’ for an independent international school education, but it is not the true cost.


Why doesn’t the school just raise the tuition to cover the true costs of a Woodstock Education?

Woodstock works hard to maintain tuition rates that are comparable with peer schools and kept at a level that makes an international independent school education in India possible for a wide scope of families with varying economic circumstances. Keeping tuition rates moderated, without compromising the quality of our educational programme, is an important core value of Woodstock.


What is the Friends of Woodstock Foundation?

Donations can be made to Friends of Woodstock School Foundation (FWS), an independent 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization. FWS supports the educational mission and purposes of Woodstock School and welcomes your donations. Your donations to FWS are tax exempt in accordance with US law.

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