Planning an Event or Reunion

Planning a Class Reunion


In general, we recommend at least a year of pre-planning, nine months at a minimum. Be in touch with the alumni office for assistance and advice early in the planning process.


Responsibilities of the class organiser(s):

  • Become familiar with the visitor’s guide on the Woodstock website. Especially note the section “Campus Tours & Visiting Guidelines.”
  • Determine names and number of people attending.
  • Keep track of individual arrivals and departures in Delhi.
  • Make Delhi hotel arrangements coming and going.
  • Book trains or flights to and from Dehra Dun.
  • Be prepared to pay for taxis as arranged by the alumni office.
  • Send all information via email to


The alumni office can help with the following:

  • Arrangements for taxis from Dehra Dun to Mussoorie and back.
  • Assistance in reserving group accommodations at local hotels.
  • Assistance with group meal arrangements at the school.
  • Setting up meetings with principal, students, Hanifl Centre, Centre for Imagination, Community Engagement etc., as desired.
  • Arranging for any special events (distinguished alumni presentations, assemblies, other).
  • In case of a large group traveling together by train, the office may be able to assist with group reservations, difficult to do by one person over the internet.