Summer at Woodstock 2021
Summer at Woodstock is a unique summer programme from India's leading international boarding school.
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Summer at Woodstock 2021 – Learning, Life, Fun and Friendship

Summer at Woodstock combines academic rigour with the energy and excitement of a summer camp.


Through a range of courses, master teachers strengthen participants’ academic foundations for college and career.


Choose from two distance learning sessions, an on campus experience, or which ever combination suits you.

We create a powerful and unique sense of community through living and learning with diverse staff and peers from around the world.


On campus participants stay healthy through our world-class gym, diverse food options, and daily walks from dorms to school.


Experience transformative learning which is inspired and enhanced by the distinctive beauty of our pristine Himalayan surroundings.

Combining Distance Learning and On-campus Sessions

For 2021, Summer at Woodstock is launching an all-new hybrid learning model which combines cutting-edge distance learning with an in-person summer camp experience. Students will be able to develop their skills during the initial distance learning session, before joining us on campus for a two week in person session, followed by a further distance learning session during which they can build on their experiences.

Three Phases of Learning

  • Distance Learning Session 1 – April 12 to May 21, 2021: Six weeks of distance learning which could either stand alone or be followed by a two-week session on school campus. Sorry, applications for the first distance learning session are now closed.
  • On Campus Session – June 7 to June 18, 2021: A two week in-person summer camp experience which could either stand alone or follow/be followed by the 6-week distance learning elements.
  • Distance Learning Session 2 – June 22 to August 3, 2021: A further six weeks of distance learning which could either stand alone or follow the on-campus session.


Students can choose to enroll in as many of the sessions as they want, whether that’s just the on-campus session, or a combination of one or both of the distance learning sessions and joining us on campus. A range of courses are available to excite and engage any student, what ever their interests may be. The table below shows which courses are available for each session.

Distance Learning 1 On Campus Distance Learning 2
English Masterclass Yes Yes Yes
English Language Acquisition Yes Yes Yes
Creative Writing Yes Yes
Entrepreneurship Yes Yes
Leadership Yes
Robotics Yes
Music Production Yes
Outdoors Living Skills Yes
Himalayan Environment and Natural History Yes
Design for Impact Yes Yes
Quantum Theory Yes Yes
Artificial Intelligence Yes Yes
App and Game Development Yes Yes
Applied Mathematics Yes

Please note that while we hope to be able to offer the on-campus session, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we can only do so with approval from the relevant authorities, and if it is safe and responsible for us to do so. Both distance learning sessions will go ahead, irrespective of the situation with the pandemic locally and globally.

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