Tips for Planning a Visit to Woodstock

Woodstock Visitor’s Guide

Updated by the Advancement and Alumni Relations Office in April 2022.



We look forward to welcoming you back to Woodstock! Whether you are alumni, former staff, former parents, or connected to Woodstock some other way, you are always welcome. We hope that you find your time here stimulating and rewarding. All visitors are asked to observe some basic guidelines while on the Woodstock campus so that we at Woodstock can fully extend our hospitality to you and other visitors, while also maintaining the normal routines of school life.

Alumni Office Phone Number +91 135 617 0160 or 617 0164

Alternate phone numbers: +91 135 263 9382

Email address:


Please Submit a Woodstock Campus Visit Request Form


What to Expect When You Come to Campus

As in many places, health and wellbeing is our priority along with security measures to keep our community safe. The front and back entrances to the main campus have guard posts. Private vehicles cannot enter the school grounds. There is parking below the gate on the road and in the area below the road. All visitors must check in at the main gate. Visitors are not allowed to walk around on the campus unaccompanied, so you will be escorted to the Alumni Office. Please do connect with our office to schedule your visit and we will send up-to-date campus regulations as your intended visit date approaches since regulations are subject to change based on the regular assessments of our Covid-19 Task Force.


Campus Tours and Visiting Guidelines

If you are visiting while school is in session, please complete the campus visit form. We can arrange for a guided tour, or make the necessary arrangements for any places that you would like to visit on campus, or people you would like to see. Alumni and other visitors are not allowed to wander around the school buildings or campus without permission and need to be accompanied by a staff member at all times. If you would like to visit any of your former teachers, colleagues or staff members, please let us know in your campus visit tour form so we can make those arrangements where possible. Visits cannot be made to visit faculty in classrooms that may be in session without prior scheduling. 


Souvenir Store and Publications Library

The Advancement and Alumni Relations Office has a souvenir store where visitors can purchase Woodstock-related items. This is cash only. The office also  houses a  complete collection of old Whispering Pine Yearbooks and Quadrangles, as well as the Joy Rugh Collection of alumni authored texts that you might enjoy looking through.

If you are an author and would like to submit your published book please contact the alumni office.


School Academic Calendar Information

The school academic year runs from mid July to mid December and early February to early June. If your visit occurs when school is not in session, or on a weekend, office facilities may be severely limited. Be sure to contact us well in advance for arrangements. Visitors may not be granted access if a visit has not been scheduled, or school is not in session.