Health Centre

Woodstock School has a dedicated Health Centre, run by a professional team of healthcare professionals. During term time, the Health Centre provides round the clock care to our students and other community members. The Health Centre is equipped to deal with many of the ailments and minor injuries that are part and parcel of school life. Specialized equipment includes oxygen concentrators; a non-invasive ventilator (BiPAP machine); an electrocardiogram (ECG); a multiparameter monitor and automated external defibrillators (AEDs). On the rare occasions when admission to hospital for treatment is required, we have worked in partnership with local hospital, Landour Community Hospital, for more than one hundred years. We also have a relationship with Max Hospital in Dehradun, in cases where further treatment is required.


Our Health Centre includes discrete Covid-19 isolation and treatment wards. Combined with our in-house medical expertise and equipment, We believe this means we are well placed to provide on-campus treatment for Covid-19 cases, should the need arise. We have very robust Covid-19 protocols in place, which are designed to balance student wellbeing with mitigating against the risk of transmission within the community. During 2000 and 2021, Woodstock has only had two positive cases within our on-campus student body, and in both cases the disease was identified while students were still in isolation in quarantine, and the students were asymptomatic.


In keeping with Woodstock’s values and ethos, our Health Centre doesn’t just serve our students and staff, but also provides valuable outreach and services to the wider community. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Health Centre organised and facilitated vaccination camps which were open to anyone who wished to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The Health Centre has also organised a blood donation camp, with staff members donating lifesaving supplies to the IMA Blood Bank Of Uttarakhand.

Resident Medical Officer – Dr Lanka Amar


Dr Lanka Amar is a military veteran comes with 25 years of experience as a medical professional and administrator. An expert in preventive medicine, his Covid protocols have been hugely successful. Prior to joining Woodstock School in the Spring, 2021, He served 13 years as the Resident Medical Officer of The Doon School in Dehradun, where he helped set up infrastructure and systems for smooth and efficient delivery of health and welfare measures for the entire community. Having studied in a boarding school, he is well versed in the nuances of growing up adolescents and loves spending time with them. Dr Lanka is passionate about adventure, travel and social service, something he picked up and nurtured during his stints with numerous Round Square projects in India and abroad.

Dr Lanka Amar is Woodstock School's Resident Medical Officer