Student Services

Woodstock Provides A Range Of Services To Enable Students To Fulfil Their Potential


From checking out a book in the library to checking that records are complete, Student Services is there to make sure students get the most out of their time here at Woodstock School.

Learning Resources
The Woodstock School Learning Resource Centres (libraries and computer labs) are the school’s gateway to 21st-century information resources and tools. Combining traditional library collections and services with up-to-date computer labs and Internet-accessible resources, the LRC is able to provide students and staff with both the information itself and the tools needed to manipulate and share it. Access to the collections, as well as to selected websites, is through the new graphic-friendly catalogue, KBOLT, the ‘Knowledge Branch of the Lyre Tree’.


The LRC offers a full range of facilities to the whole school, be it a place for studying in groups or alone, a classroom for computer learning, or an after-school spot for hanging out. Recreational reading at all levels is encouraged with a wide assortment of popular books, newspapers and magazines.

Learning Assistance
Learning support services are available throughout the school. We embrace Woodstock’s guiding principal which values diversity. Learning support at Woodstock caters to students who are intellectually capable of meeting curriculum and assessment requirements. We provide moderate individual support, in-class modifications or accommodations.


The Learning Support department provided specialist teacher support to students who have identified learning difficulties, for example dyslexia or dysgraphia, or a special learning need that interferes with their success in the classroom. Occasionally, short term support is available for new students who require it. All students attend regular mainstream classes and Learning Support is provided either through in-class support or during specialist classes such as Library, Art, Drama and Foreign Languages. Special care is taken to ensure that students do not miss classes they really thrive in.


The Learning Support department staff work closely with parents, students and faculty in identifying and assessing needs as well as monitoring interventions. We aim to create an environment where each child is respected as a learner and are able to thrive.

The Woodstock School Registrar is responsible for creating and issuing all the documents that a student and his or her parents need in order to follow the student’s educational progress during attendance at Woodstock and to provide evidence to outside institutions of the student’s school tenure and achievements. Woodstock provides these documents when necessary and without additional charge except for postal or courier delivery costs. Documents include:


During active attendance at Woodstock:

  • Grades report
  • Residence report
  • Net Classroom report
  • IGCSE certificate
  • School certificate


As students leave Woodstock:

  • Transcript
  • Migration certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Diploma
  • Pass certificate
  • Transfer certificate


For Woodstock alumni:

  • Transcript
  • Replacement of lost documents


The most frequent document requested by alumni is the transcript. This is the one important student document for which Woodstock retains the original and issues certified copies, often many years after the student attended or graduated. Woodstock provides this service to alumni without charge when needed and requested.


For further questions about the Registrar’s services, or to contact the Registrar with an explanation of your needs, please email