Scholars for Peace
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Scholars for Peace

A world-class education for gifted young people from conflict-affected regions


Woodstock’s Scholars for Peace initiative enables students from fragile states or conflict-affected regions to join our international community. Part of our wider financial aid programme, Scholars for Peace provides financial support to deserving students who can demonstrate merit and financial need. In some cases this support has covered 100% of school fees as well as some other expenses.

As members of the school community, the Scholars for Peace bring inestimable value and perspective to life and learning on the Woodstock hillside.

At the heart of Woodstock School’s philosophy is a commitment to global mindedness and peace. The Scholars for Peace programme aims to provide gifted young people from conflict-affected regions with opportunities they would not otherwise be able to access. Students at Woodstock have always had the privilege of learning alongside students who come from a diversity of ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The Scholars for Peace programme ensures that a Woodstock education includes living and learning alongside peers who, because of their personal experience, have a commitment to end conflict at all levels of society.


Woodstock has hosted Scholars for Peace from Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Somaliland, and Palestine, but Woodstock welcomes applications from students from any regions which are affected by war, violence, fragile states or oppressive regimes.


To find out more about our Scholars for Peace programme please email

Find out more about our wider financial aid programme here.

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