Religious Life

Faith And Life At Woodstock School


We believe in exploring faith and spiritual practice both inside and outside the classroom.


Inter-religious ethical and philosophical dialogue takes place in WS TRIBE, Traditions of Ideas and Belief Explored, an exciting forum where students of all traditions – religious or non-religious – can find a safe space to talk about the things that matter most to them.


One of the unique and exciting features of a Woodstock education is the opportunity for students of all traditions, religious or otherwise, to explore faith and spiritual practice both inside and outside the classroom. The Chaplaincy Programme upholds the Christian tradition of the school and offers students and staff engaging encounters with the life and teaching of Christ. This is done through monthly chapel services, retreats, Bible studies and discipleship groups. As an inclusive community, we seek to meet the spiritual needs of all of our students. We encourage them to explore their own traditions and to observe their most important festival days.


The Religious Education curriculum has been specially designed for the Woodstock context. Following the non-denominational Christian foundation laid in the Early Years programme, an age-appropriate introduction to the world’s religious traditions is incorporated into the Middle Years. Upper Years students then explore more fully the rich diversity of worldviews represented at Woodstock.


Our Enrichment Programme offers a wide variety of ways for students to exercise ‘faith in action’. Community and environmental service opportunities are offered, all of which are connected to the spiritual disciplines that we seek to foster in our students.


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