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Great education is holistic.


Woodstock’s holistic model of education encompasses more than books, tests and classrooms.


The Enrichment Programme, also known as PASSAGE, is a key part of this approach. We strive to create an environment that encourages students to pursue enrichment activities with excellence and determination, knowing that only through focus and hard work can true growth be gained.


Just as the word ‘passage’ means ‘journey’, our goal is for a student’s involvement in Enrichment at Woodstock to take them on a journey to discover their passions and gifts. Appropriately, the word PASSAGE is an acronym describing the elements of the programme.



P       A       S       S       A       G       E


Passion and Perseverance   –   Arts and Sciences   –  Service and Spirituality   –  Athletics and Adventure   –  Global Understanding and Leadership   –  Expeditions of Discovery


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