Woodstock | US High School Diploma and IB DP
Woodstock Diploma, US High School Diploma, IB Diploma Programme
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US Diploma and IB Courses Pathway

Students are able to choose from the school’s IB course offerings to build a challenging academic programme that suits their needs. These students are described as IB DP Course Candidates. Qualifying students graduate with the Woodstock U.S. Diploma and additional IB Course certificates.


  • Students may choose to earn the U.S. diploma meeting Woodstock’s graduation requirements with five or six IB courses per year.
  • The courses may be all SL or a mix of SL and up to three HL courses across subject groups as suits the student’s goals.
  • All IB courses involve internal and external assessment.
  • Students in this pathway participate in CAS and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) but are exempted from the Extended Essay.


This provides an opportunity for students to specialize their coursework, their level of study in each subject to maximize academic achievement, and creates space in students’ schedules for those who have deep commitments to internships, service, athletics or the arts.


Acceptable for direct entry to U.S. colleges, to Foundation/bridge programmes at universities around the world, and to many applied or vocational courses of study, the U.S. diploma is equivalent to 10+2 Indian boards per the Association of Indian Universities.


The India Medical Pathway represents one version of this pathway.


Note that for some regions of higher education, the U.S. Diploma with IB Courses is insufficient for direct entry and a Foundation Year or additional qualifications may be required. Students considering this pathway are recommended to discuss their future goals with their college counselor and DP Coordinator.




IB Diploma Courses

Find out more about IB Diploma Courses we offer and the six subject groups.

US Diploma Requirements:


Literature 4 credits
Science 3 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Individuals and Societies 2 credits
Language Acquisition 2 credits
The Arts 2 courses
TOK/Religious Education 2 courses
Physical Education 1 credit
Total 24 credits including electives*

*Participation in the school’s CAS, TOK and PSHE programmes is compulsory.


By Grade 10, MYP students will have accrued at least 14 credits and completed US diploma subject area requirements for Individuals & Societies, PE, The Arts, and Language Acquisition. Remaining subject requirements for the US diploma at the beginning of Grade 11 would be Literature, Science, Math and an RE course. Release from the additional IB subject and Extended Essay provides space in the academic year for students to specialize their studies or pursue deep commitments to internships, service, athletics or the arts.