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Financial Aid Programme


Woodstock welcomes applications from highly motivated students looking for a transformative education. Strong academic achievement is valued alongside a willingness to participate in a broad and challenging programme – including outdoor education, enrichment experiences and engagement with the local rural communities around us.


With over 164 years of distinguished history, Woodstock is proud of its genuinely diverse student body, an inspiring educational philosophy, and a stunning campus in the Indian Himalayas.  Our Financial Aid programme ensures that deserving students from different cultural, socio-economic and/or religious backgrounds are able to attend Woodstock in order to support the School’s commitment to global mindedness and peace.


We enroll the most talented and deserving students regardless of their financial circumstances. For those who demonstrate merit and financial need, we offer a comprehensive program of financial aid that is unmatched in India. For the 2015-2016 academic year, Woodstock offered nearly 1.4 million US Dollars in financial aid to qualified young men and women from around the world. In addition, exceptional universities around the world offered the graduating class of 2019 approximately $1.5 million in scholarships and financial aid.


Should you be interested in applying for a grant along with your admissions application, the online admissions application will provide the needed direction. The admissions application can be accessed here.


The Grant application must be submitted along with the application for admissions. Grant applications received after the admissions review process will not be considered. Woodstock is not bound to meet the full declared financial need of a family, but will make an offer in its best judgment within the school’s available resources. All grants are for the period of one year. The school will request an annual renewal.




Fees are set annually.
The fees included in applying for a place at Woodstock School and subsequent entry into the appropriate School Division include an annual fee, an establishment fee and a security deposit. The annual fees include tuition, textbooks, notebooks, boarding and lodging, basic laundry, Internet and email facilities, class field trips and most social activities.


Fees for 2020-2021 Academic Year


Grade 6 15,90,000 INR
Grade 7 15,90,000 INR
Grade 8 15,90,000 INR
Grade 9 16,46,000 INR
Grade 10 16,46,000 INR
Grade 11 17,65,000 INR
Grade 12 17,65,000 INR


In addition to the fees listed above, the following one time fees are applicable.
The Establishment Fee is 4,00,000 INR (non-refundable)
The Security Deposit is 3,50,000 INR (refundable)


How to make a payment


Card or online bank transfer

Visit our payment portal to pay online by card or bank transfer.

Direct bank transfer

For information on how to make a payment, including our bank details, please click here.


Policy on fee collection

For details of our policy on fee collection, please click here.