Summer at Woodstock – FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Summer at Woodstock

How do I get to Woodstock?

Parents are requested to drop off their children directly at Woodstock School, any time on Sunday, May 26th from noon onwards.  


As you plan your child’s travel to Summer at Woodstock on our campus, please provide all relevant information about their travel, should you plan to use school transport services. So that you know, there will be an additional charge of INR 2,500 one way per child. Log in to Open Apply and submit travel information through the pending checklist items. All students should reach school any time after 10 a.m. on Sunday, 26 May 2024 for the first session and on Sunday, 7 July 2024 for the second session. They can leave any time in the morning on 8 June 2024 for the first session and on 20 July 2024 for the second session.


Road map of Mussoorie 

What's included?

Does the fee include accommodation? 

Yes. The fee includes accommodation throughout the programme. The programme uses the Woodstock dorms and will have Woodstock dorm parents assigned to look after the pastoral needs of all students. 


Does the fee include all meals? 

Yes, we try and cater for all tastes, as well as a range of dietary requirements.  The information packet participants will receive by mid-April will collect this important information to shape our planning. The programme also provides snacks in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Participants will not go hungry. 


Do I need to bring pocket money? 

Not really; we do ask that a small amount of pocket money is brought for any gifts to take home or tuck shop sweets, or to spend at the airport while waiting for flights. We suggest to bring no more than 2000 INR. Foreign currency may be exchanged at the Delhi airport. In addition, there is an ATM on the Woodstock campus. 


What shall I pack? 

A complete list will be included in the information packet participants will receive in mid-April. 


Do I need a Visa? 

Participants who are not Indian, Bhutanese, or Nepali nationals require a student visa, issued by the local Indian Consulate General or its associated visa agency. The school is happy to support this application process through providing a letter and a copy of the school’s registration. A scanned copy of the participant’s passport is required by Woodstock in order to issue these documents. Please do not hesitate to email for support in applying for visas. 


Checklist for visa applicants 

  1. Scanned copy of participant’s passport emailed to 
  2. Receipt of letter from Woodstock for application process with consulate 
  3. Receipt of Woodstock school’s registration for application process with consulate. 
Healthcare and safety

What medical cover is there at Woodstock? 

Woodstock has its own medical staff and health centre and there will be a 24/7 nurse present during the summer programme. There is a small local hospital near to the school which can treat minor injuries and we use the Max Specialty Hospital in Dehradun for major illnesses and emergencies. 


Will my child be safe at Woodstock? 

We have 24/7 security all around our campus. We take security very seriously at school and that is why our school’s child protection policy is updated often and applied not just during normal school hours but also during our summer programme. All external staff must read and sign this policy before they are contracted. 


When do the courses start?

For 2024, there are two options to choose from

Session 1: May 27 to June 7, 2024

Session 2: July 8 to 19, 2024

How to apply?

Register you Interest

If you’re interested in finding out more about Summer at Woodstock, please complete this form to register your interest. At this stage, you are not making any commitment – but our team will be in touch with more information about the programmes and activities on offer.

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