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18 Oct Happy Worldwide Woodstock Day!- VIDEOS

Woodstock is an amazing life experience one doesn't quickly forget. It's exciting that every year hundreds of people all over the globe gather together to remember their time here. Please do share your experiences and photos from your event or time here. This Sunday, 19th October, we will be celebrating Worldwide Woodstock...

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11 Oct New Video for Woodstock School

Woodstock School: Education for a World of Difference from Mussoorie Writers on Vimeo.   As you prepare for a gathering of Woodstock alumni and friends in North America on World Wide Woodstock Day on Saturday, Oct. 19th, or at any other time,  I hope you will share this recent Woodstock video.   It...

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04 Sep Worldwide Woodstock Day 2013

October 19, 2013 will mark a global celebration for Woodstock!   [caption id="attachment_4244" align="alignright" width="300"] World Wide Woodstock Day[/caption] Alumni, parents and friends of Woodstock School from around the world will gather to remember and celebrate their time here in the Himalayas. Would you consider helping to organize a gathering in your area? It could...

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