2020 Vision: The Four Pillars
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2020 Vision: The Four Pillars

The Four Pillars

Emerging from Woodstock’s 2020 Vision are Four Pillars which serve as the foundation for the future of Woodstock. Unless we accomplish these four projects, nothing else we do will matter. Whether it is re-imagining our learning spaces, creating a place for independent study and mentoring relationships, expanding the scope of student diversity or providing transforming education through community engagement, these initiatives are essential if we are to accomplish the objectives of the 2020 Vision.


1. Learning Spaces

To facilitate the interdisciplinary curricular and experiential pedagogical goals of a Woodstock education by creating spaces that provide the appropriate infrastructure.

2. Centre for Imagination/Innovation/Discovery

To create space and resources for mentored students, independent research and projects.  Resources would include workshops, speakers and seminars that could connect students to ideas, relevant outside research and supportive mentors, including Woodstock alumni.

3. Student Diversity

To design, launch and implement an expanded scholarship programme to recruit for talent and diversity across a wider range of ‘diversity parameters’ including those of creed, colour, culture and social-economic indicators as well as nationalities.

4. Community Engagement

To provide Woodstock students with the understanding, knowledge and tools to become agents of change by engaging more deeply and collaboratively with local communities to address identified needs.