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Visit Us

Welcome Home




We receive hundreds of visitors each year and promise it will be an experience you will never forget. Please find the appropriate information below, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and check out our Mussoorie Visitors Guide.


Every year we are delighted to welcome many colleges and universities from around the world. If you wish to visit, please contact the College Counsellor at reneebowling@woodstock.ac.in.


Please visit our College and Career Counselling page for more information.

Alumni And Former Staff

If you are visiting while school is in session, please allow the Alumni Office to make the necessary arrangements for any places you would like to visit on campus or people you would like to see. We are happy to give guided tours of the school; please make your request in advance. The Alumni Office has a souvenir store where you can purchase Woodstock-related items, and a library where you can browse old yearbooks and other publications.

The school year runs from late July to mid-December and from early February to mid-June. If your visit occurs when school is not in session, or on a weekend, office facilities may be severely limited. Be sure to contact us well in advance of your visit at +91 (0135) 263-5163.


Alumni Activities at Woodstock School


Some activities you might want to participate in are shown below. These suggestions require advance planning and notice, so please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to take advantage of these opportunities.


  • Alumni children can attend classes
  • You can take a guided school tour
  • You can join the staff for afternoon tea under the Lyre Tree
  • We encourage you to interact with students while you are here, especially around matters of college guidance and career guidance
  • The Hanifl Centre, the Turner Organic Garden and the Bob Fleming Nature Trail (formerly known as The Eyebrow) are areas you may wish to visit and learn more about


Planning a Class Reunion?


We recommend at least a year of pre-planning, nine months at a minimum. Please get in touch with the Alumni Office for assistance and advice early in the planning process.

Current Parents

Please contact the Director of Student Services at studentservices@woodstock.ac.in when you are arranging your visit to ensure that your child has no essential engagements during your time here.


We will be delighted to show you around our wonderful campus. However, we can only do this by prior arrangement. There are times when there will be no one available to meet you, and we do not want you to have a wasted journey.


To book an appointment, please email Admissions at admissions@woodstock.ac.in stating your preferred date and time for a visit. Please note that visits are only possible on school days (Mon–Fri) between 9 am and 4 pm.