Who Should Apply

Diversity Facilitates Excellence


Students from all backgrounds, nationalities and educational systems will be considered.


Ideal  applicants will have a strong mix of the following qualities:


  • Academic achievement that demonstrates an ability to succeed at Woodstock
  • Strong English language skills, unless you are applying for the ESL programme in Grades 6 through 8
  • An excited commitment to the school’s Desired Learning Outcomes and Educational Philosophy
  • Life experiences and perspectives that suggest an openness to living in a global community
  • An interest in outdoor activities and an ability to appreciate the Himalayan location
  • A family background that demonstrates a strong commitment to leadership and service


We accept boarding students from Grade 6 onwards.

Students applying for Grade 6 must be 11 years of age by the 31st of July in the year of entry.

If you’re not sure which grade to apply for, click here for a comparison of Woodstock’s grades with a range of ages and international curriculum.