Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Woodstock Alumni Connect Professional and Mentoring Network is a digital online platform exclusively for Woodstock alumni that connects with LinkedIn and Facebook.  Whether you’re a graduate, former student, or former staff, this network is for you. Inside the network you’ll be able to share photos, be a mentor or mentee, and post or search for internships or potential job opportunities. Click here to visit Woodstock Alumni Connect.


Frequently Asked Questions




 Are you eligible to use Woodstock Alumni Connect?

All former Woodstock students, staff or parents are eligible to join.


 Why Woodstock Alumni Connect?

The platform take your public profile information from LinkedIn and business information you have shared with us, making a powerful networking tool. It gives you the ability to connect with other alumni in your industry and location.


 How do I sign up and register?

Go to and create a username and password. You will receive an email to confirm your registration.


What if I do not receive a confirmation email when I try to log in?

If you do not receive a confirmation email, it may mean that we do not have an email address on file for you or that we have a different one. If this is the case, please contact to verify your email address and update your contact details.


I have registered, now what do I do?

We will be updating the platform with news, events, photos, job opportunities, mentoring opportunities and much more. If you have something to post or are looking for professional opportunities or simply want to search for fellow alumni, ensure you bookmark the site and log-in regularly.


Using Woodstock Alumni Connect


Why connect using your LinkedIn or Facebook account?

The platform allows you to connect and network with other people using LinkedIn. This is recommended to maximize your networking ability. You can also connect using your email. When you first log in to the platform, you will be asked if you would like to connect via LinkedIn or email. Choose either one. Once you are in the platform, you can view business information that Woodstockers have included in their LinkedIn profiles along with the number of connections you have in common. Anything marked as private in LinkedIn remains private. If you are not connected to that individual, you will not see his/her private information, nor will he/she be able to view yours. Don’t forget to list “Woodstock School” in the education field in your LinkedIn profile, and join the Woodstock School LinkedIn Group! If you decide not to immediately connect your LinkedIn account, you may do so at anytime by going to “Settings” and clicking on “Manage Accounts”. Likewise, you may disconnect at any time.


How do I search for people using the directory?

Type the name of the person you are seeking in the search box. If you are unsure of the spelling, you may type a few letters in the name, click “Search” and the platform will pull a list of possible matches. You also have the option to filter your search by graduation year, location or speciality.


How do I search or post a job?

Go into the Jobs tab on the platform, you can search and post jobs or internship for fellow alumni to see.


If I am looking for one time advice, or short or a long term mentor, how do I do it?

Everybody who has signed up to Woodstock Alumni Connect, has offered a certain level of assistance. When you type in what you are looking for in the ‘refine your search’ within the Directory tab, the platform will you give you relevant alumni names. Do not be afraid to reach out to them, that’s why the platform exists!


As someone established in my field, if an alumni reaches out to me, what am I expected to do?

Depending on what you entered as your level of willingness to help, you could introduce them to your connections, open doors at your place of work, answer industry related questions, review resumes or offer advice/internships. You can always change your level of commitment, if requests are taking up more time than you have available.


What to expect


Will I receive some form of communication?

Periodically you will receive newsletters summarising all the key happenings on Woodstock Alumni Connect. It will allow you to see alumni news, catch up on upcoming events and look through photos.


How do I know about upcoming events?

We will advertise all upcoming events, that we are organising or reunions we have been informed about. If you would like to advertise an event/reunion, please reach out the alumni office


I would like to know what is happening with other Woodstockers?

From time to time, we will put up news items on the platform that keeps you up-to-date with what fellow alumni are doing and how you can get involved.


How do I keep up with Social Media if I am not a registered Facebook/Instagram user?

We will take interesting social media posts from our two feeds and make them news items on the platform from time to time, to ensure you do not miss out!


If I need more help or want to connect with Woodstock, would Woodstock Alumni Connect enable me to do this?

The answer is yes, all three members of the Woodstock Alumni Department are members of the platform. You can connect with us by searching our names, Lauri Coulter (Director of Alumni Affairs), Monica Roberts (Alumni Secretary) and Tara Menon (Alumni Relations Coordinator).

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