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27 Feb Alumni Spotlight – Stefan Eicher ’90

Our Alumni Spotlight for the month, Stefan Eicher, is an artist who helped found the arts organization Art for Change and currently teaches in the Art Department at Woodstock School. Stefan has an MFA in Visual Art and an MBA in International Development. Following his brother's footsteps, Stefan took the sciences at...

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28 Jan Alumni Spotlight – Anah Iqbal ’11

Anah Iqbal, Class of 2011, shares with us about her journey, influences and Woodstock experiences that helped her become an artist. Anah is the creative director at Muse Global India and has accomplished many milestones as an artist, such as having her artworks sold to Paula Wallace, Alex Kuruvilla and...

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18 Nov Alumni Spotlight – Ashwin Chacko ’07

Ashwin Chacko ’07 is a digital designer based in Dublin, Ireland. He is a multi-disciplined illustrator who creates various conceptual illustrations. Ashwin uses art as a way of storytelling and takes influences from his love for music, tattoos, comics, and street art. From talking about his latest project, a children’s...

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01 Nov Alumni Spotlight – Rose Sandy ’92

Rose Sandy, a fellow graduate from Woodstock School, has achieved many great accomplishments that have created her legacy of being an established writer and avid thinker. Being the daughter of a diplomat, Rose grew to appreciate the experiences life gave her from traveling to several countries and aspiring to find...

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06 Oct Distance learning the Woodstock way

Like schools around the world, Woodstock has been thrust into a distance learning scenario during the COVID-19 pandemic. In organizing for online learning, we have sought to take our students' most important needs into account: the need for structure during a time when much of what was "normal" has been...

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20 Sep Alumni Spotlight – Joshua John ’98

Joshua John, alumni from the class of 1998, has been exploring the wonders and thrills of art and motorcycle culture since his years at Woodstock School. Born in Darbhanga, Bihar, Joshua grew up in Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. He spent his teenage years in the scenic Garhwal Mountains which kindled...

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