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Palma non sine pulvere – No palm of victory without the dust of struggle – Palms come from striving, you know!

For nearly 175 years, Woodstock School has been transforming students through its unparalleled experience of learning in the Himalayan foothills within a diverse residential community. Graduates not only receive a strong education that can take them anywhere they may wish to go, but they also acquire a natural disposition for bringing out the best in themselves and others and creating positive change in the world. At Woodstock School, this is what we call Education for a World of Difference.

We’re excited to be able to set the tone for what Education for a World of Difference can look like for Woodstock students of today and tomorrow and equip them with skills in digital, outdoor, and classroom spaces alike to help them develop into effective global citizens.

Support Woodstock in empowering a new generation of changemakers from diverse cultures and backgrounds to learn, grow, and thrive in unique ways – on the hillside and beyond!

No Matter the Size, Your Gift Is Important to the Woodstock of Today and Tomorrow

For more on why you should support Woodstock School, please see our Current Crowdfunding Campaign page and  Giving Frequently Asked Questions.

Give as part of Woodstock@169: International by Nature

Woodstock’s focus for this year’s crowdfunding drive is “International by Nature.”  This refers not only to our Himalayan setting, but also to our history, character, and ethos. Woodstock School has been international in its community, outlook, and educational approaches since long before international curricula were adopted in schools across India. This legacy of sharing experiences with those from diverse backgrounds has created a unique culture of teaching, living, and learning at Woodstock that is simply not available anywhere else in India – or in the world! We want to celebrate this important element of who we are while ensuring its continuation well into the future. We consider this vital as religious, national, and cultural polarization are on the rise globally, and rapid change continues to place increasing stressors on our people, communities, and natural environment. View more about this year’s crowdfunding drive here.


Please consider giving towards one of this year’s projects, and partner with us in Education for a World of Difference! If you’d like to know more about Corporate Social Responsibility or Planned Giving to Woodstock, email us at

Thanks to supporters like you, we've raised ₹47,98,392.21 towards our combined goal for this year's priority projects!* Together, we can plant forests of possibility for Woodstock's future!* Donate!

*The total campaign goal is based on priority projects and includes funds donated directly to Woodstock School as well as funds in support of projects listed here donated to Woodstock School-supporting nonprofit organizations in the U.S. (Friends of Woodstock School), Canada (Canadian Friends of Woodstock School), and, soon, the United Kingdom (Friends of Woodstock School UK Charitable Trust). Currency conversions displayed in the goal image are based on mid-April rates and may differ slightly from today’s exchange rates. Total funds raised as listed above are towards identified priority projects and do not include donations made to the Fund for Excellence and other funds.