Independence Day
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Independence Day

Independence Day

On 15 August the whole Woodstock community came together to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of India’s independence.

Our special guest speaker for the day was Dr. Sidharth Luthra, Senior Advocate and one time Additional Solicitor General for India at the Supreme Court. He gave an inspiring speech about the Constitution of India, the importance of being a secular nation and how this is as or more relevant as ever in the current climate.

In line with Woodstock tradition, the two Indian students who have been at the school the longest raised the flag, and were joined by the student presidents for a rousing chorus of Jai Hind.

This year the celebrations had a distinctly Punjabi flavour, with entertainment provided by Heera Entertainment, a dance troupe from Jalandhar, and a lunch-time feast provided by local vendors who served-up an array of delicacies from the Punjab.

The fifteenth also marked Korean National Liberation Day. To celebrate we were treated to a display of Chajeon Nori, a traditional community game where two teams battle it out on wooden ‘juggernauts’ with the triumphant team pushing the other out of the arena.

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