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20 Sep Alumni Spotlight – Joshua John ’98

Joshua John, alumni from the class of 1998, has been exploring the wonders and thrills of art and motorcycle culture since his years at Woodstock School. Born in Darbhanga, Bihar, Joshua grew up in Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. He spent his teenage years in the scenic Garhwal Mountains which kindled...

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21 Jul Alumni Spotlight – Davina Stephens ’87

Davina Stephens, a New Zealand born artist, discovered her love for art right here in Woodstock. Having lived in some of the world’s most culturally diverse places like Indonesia, India, and Italy, Davina commenced her career early on as just a student in high school. After graduating, she attended the...

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Dr Long Inaugurating the installation

21 Oct Unveiling of Antonio Puri’s Artistry

  [caption id="attachment_19977" align="aligncenter" width="396"] #Varna_project_installation_at_Woodstock_School[/caption] Antonio Puri's  much awaited Varna Project  was unveiled in the school quad yesterday. It was a beautiful evening which began with a very pleasing sitar-rendition of raag Marwa by Alok Maiti followed by opening speeches by both Dr Long  and Antonio Puri.  Dr Long officially cut two ceremonial ribbons; inaugurating both...

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14 Oct Sculpted Statements

Pablo Picasso once said, “Sculpture is the art of the intelligence.” These meaningful pieces resonate with ideas. It’s been a month for sculpting at Woodstock. Grade 5 and 6 have been creating a multitude of wire sculptures in Adam Hubbard’s class. The expressions might seem familiar. If not, there’s more...

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17 Sep Shades of Dissent. What is Antonio Puri Thinking?

Our artist in residence, Antonio Puri ’84, is now quite a familiar figure at Woodstock. If he’s not focusing on his work, you’ll find him deep in conversation – dressed in paint-dabbed jeans. He has been working on his thought provoking 'Varna’ project at school since the end of July....

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03 Sep Thinking in Reverse

Tucked away in a corner of the middle years school building is a class room where you can expect to find something intriguing happening all academic-year around. It’s Adam Hubbard's art class. We caught him right in the middle of doling out print-making instructions. The energy levels were short of ear-splitting as...

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