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Rajasthani folk group Dharohar,
Rajasthani folk

Dharahar, a Rajisthani folk group, put on an amazing performance in the Quad this lunchtime. Founed by Shri Bhutte Khan...

Asma alumni spotlight
Alumni Spotlight

Asma came to Woodstock in 2011, when the Afghan Scholars Initiative (ASI) selected her from a pool of 120 students...

Climbing at Khanda near Woodstock
Climbing Khanda

For Woodstock’s budding climbers, our indoor climbing wall is a world class facility on which to hone their skills. But...

Woodstock unplugged

Remember the days before mobile phones? When your connection to the wider world wasn't through the screen in your hand?...

Tokyo Math Diary

Last week six Woodstock students set off to Japan to compete against some of Asia's greatest mathematical minds. They documented...