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Chapel – agents of change

This morning middle years and upper years came together for chapel, which was themed around being agents of change. Are you like a thermometer, only reflecting the environment in which you're placed, or like a thermostat, able to influence the world around you and change it for the better? The...

Rajasthani folk group Dharohar,
Rajasthani folk

Dharahar, a Rajisthani folk group, put on an amazing performance in the Quad this lunchtime. Founed by Shri Bhutte Khan Manganiar, Dharahar is group of folk musicians and dancers from the state's Manganiar community. Performing Rajasthani Sufi Songs and the Kalbeliya folk dance, they certainly injected some colour and energy into...

Happy students on Holi
Happiness is the Truth

A group of parents were once asked, “If you could wish one thing for your child when they leave school, what would it be?” Their answers showed a remarkable degree of consensus - most parents wished that they could grant their children 'happiness'. I’m sure this is a wish we...

Woodstock teacher and students
To understand and to be understood

It’s not hard to find distressing news. From the horrors of war to stories of greed and corruption, there’s plenty to be distressed about! This week I’ve also read disturbing news of increased instances of racially, sexually and ethnically discriminatory language and behaviour on school and college campuses around the...

Setting the Scene in Lucknow

Grade 6 English field trip Last week our entire Grade 6 class went on a week-long field-trip to explore local author, Ruskin Bond's book, A Flight of Pigeons. Using Lucknow as a backdrop in which to set the scene, the students were able to visualise the story which they had been...

Asma alumni spotlight
Alumni Spotlight

Asma came to Woodstock in 2011, when the Afghan Scholars Initiative (ASI) selected her from a pool of 120 students to apply to Woodstock. Founded by Qiam Amiry, ASI gives opportunities to exceptional young Afghan students to learn and grow in an international environment with the aim of becoming future...

Woodstock unplugged

Remember the days before mobile phones? When your connection to the wider world wasn't through the screen in your hand? And when being social didn't have anything to do with Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram? Last week our middle years students took the plunge into this disconnected world with Woodstock's first ever...

Tokyo Math Diary

Last week six Woodstock students set off to Japan to compete against some of Asia's greatest mathematical minds. They documented their adventures in the land of the rising sun with a daily diary.   The North East Asia Mathematics Competition (NEAMC) is an annual international mathematics competition aimed at students aged 15...

Plants in hands - social enterprise picture
Seven Inspiring Indian social entrepreneurs

Woodstock student Shanti Mathias shares some of the changemakers who have fired her interest in social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship can be an incredible force for change. Essentially, it uses business models to make a difference to social problems - poverty, illiteracy, lack of access to basic services or even a regular income....

International Mother Language Day

On International Mother Language Day, Head of ESL John Robertson explains why the acquisition of a second language should never be a replacement for your mother tongue.   A diverse linguistic community In 1999, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) director declared February 21st to be International Mother Language Day,...