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Early years open class

Early years opened up their classrooms in the last week of term to show the best of their work to parents and students. Attractions included a cafe, with a healthy menu devised by students, a puppet show, and an underwater experience from Kindergarten.   [vc_masonry_media_grid element_width="6" gap="2" grid_id="vc_gid:1495784194436-2a9b946f-1cc8-9" include="25721,25722,25723,25724,25725,25726,25727,25728,25729,25730,25731,25732,25733,25734,25735,25736"]...

Ruth van Reken
Cross Culture Kids – An interview with Ruth Van Reken

A sociologist with an interest in questions of cross cultural identity and globally mobile families, Ruth Van Reken spent her childhood in Nigeria before moving to the United States. Arriving as a teenager in Chicago, Ruth noticed that the people in her new school expected her to have the same...

Class of 2017 Graduation photo
Towards greater things

Our graduates leave Woodstock for prestigious universities and colleges the world over   On 26 May, our seniors graduated and left Woodstock. They have come a long way and reached the end of a journey – their school days are over and now new destinations await – hardly surprising then that graduation...

Alumni Spotlight – Sara Ahmed

Sara graduated from Woodstock in 1981, having spent two years at the school. Born in Bombay, her family moved to Tehran in 1971, where she lived until they had to return to India to escape the Iranian revolution of the late 70’s. When her family moved back to India, her...

Student visit to CERN
Accelerated learning – Student visit to CERN

Last week seven students had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit CERN, the European Council for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland.   CERN is famously home to the Large Hadron Collider, by far the World's most powerful particle accelerator. It's also where thousands of physicists and engineers work to expand our understanding of the fundamental...

Budding scientists share their creations

Over the last few days, the Quad has been bustling with students flocking to not one but two science fairs.   On Friday 12 May, Grades 3 and 4 invited early and middle years students to join them for a colourful display of science in practice. The exhibits included magic multi-coloured milk,...

Alumni Spotlight – Hazel Ebenezer

Hazel Ebenezer graduated from Woodstock in 2014, having spent 12 years at the school. She went on to John Cabot University in Rome and studied International Affairs with a minor in Business Administration. Hazel graduates this week and is going on to the University of Kent to pursue her Masters...

Woodstock’s got talent

Saturday saw students step up for one of the performance highlights of the year: The early and middle-years Talent Show.   Twenty-three acts spanned a mix of performances, from comedy and magic to song and dance. In total, more than 60 students either performed or were involved in organising the show, with a tremendous...


Pema Gyalsten graduated from Woodstock in 1990. Our class was very united, this resonated every morning as we shouted our class name 'Mirage' loud and clear. When I completed my twelfth grade, I wanted to pursue my teacher training. I was the National Institute for teacher training  in Paro, Bhutan...