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Class of 2017 Graduation photo
Towards greater things

Our graduates leave Woodstock for prestigious universities and colleges the world over   On 26 May, our seniors graduated and left Woodstock. They have come a long way and reached the end of a journey – their school days are over and now new destinations await – hardly surprising then that graduation...

Alumni Spotlight – Sara Ahmed

Sara graduated from Woodstock in 1981, having spent two years at the school. Born in Bombay, her family moved to Tehran in 1971, where she lived until they had to return to India to escape the Iranian revolution of the late 70’s. When her family moved back to India, her...

Alumni Spotlight – Hazel Ebenezer

Hazel Ebenezer graduated from Woodstock in 2014, having spent 12 years at the school. She went on to John Cabot University in Rome and studied International Affairs with a minor in Business Administration. Hazel graduates this week and is going on to the University of Kent to pursue her Masters...


Pema Gyalsten graduated from Woodstock in 1990. Our class was very united, this resonated every morning as we shouted our class name 'Mirage' loud and clear. When I completed my twelfth grade, I wanted to pursue my teacher training. I was the National Institute for teacher training  in Paro, Bhutan...

Alumni Spotlight – Renu Singh

Renu Singh and her sister Ena Singh Murphy both work with the Paradada Paradadi Educational Society (PPES). They both graduated from Woodstock.  Since 2000, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES) has been improving the lives of females in rural India. Its mission is to empower community women from the poorest sections of society. To...

Indian wild dog
Alumni News – An Indian Safari

Harvey Kline (class of '57) recently took a trip to India with his wife. The glow of the sunrise was visible but had not yet overpowered the pre-dawn darkness.  There was an unexpected chill in the air as my wife Yuko and I took our seats in the back of the...

Shruti Ganguly
Alumni Spotlight – Shruti Ganguly

Shruti Ganguly is a filmmaker based in New York City. She left Woodstock in 2000, having spent three years at the school. Moving to Northwestern University in the States after graduation to study Art and Economics - she thought she would become an investment banker who would paint, on the...

Mr and Mrs Chophel
Alumni news – Mr & Mrs Chophel set to retire

Mr. & Mrs. Chophel, who have an association with Woodstock that spans 43 years, will retire this summer. Throughout their many years of service, they've been an inspiration to generations of students and staff alike, with kindness, compassion and an unbending dedication to the community.   Mr & Mrs Chophel outside the school clinic...

Syria Civil Defense, aka the White Helmets, respond to an emergency
The White Helmets – striving to save lives

Woodstock Student Shatakshi Kabi reflects on her conversation with alumnus Nellie Little about the work of Syria Civil Defense, colloquially known as The White Helmets.   A few weeks ago, the Centre for Imagination hosted a screening of the documentary, The White Helmets, an impartial, voluntary rescue force working to save lives in Syria. The screening provoked a good amount...

Alumni Spotlight – Shubhashish Bhutiani

Shubhashish Bhutiani graduated from Woodstock in 2009, having spent eight years here. After studying film at the School of Visual Arts in New York, he found himself back in India as a lost 22-year-old.   Deciding to backpack through India, he made his way from Kerala to Varanasi. It was in Varanasi that...