2012 Senior School Awards

2012 Senior School Awards

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, arranged and performed by the jazz band, opened the senior school awards assembly in Parker Hall on May 30. Head of senior school, David Anderson asked the students who had been at Woodstock since Grade 7 or earlier to stand and be recognised before 16 students were presented with the first award for scholastic achievement. This award goes to all students who have achieved a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.45 or higher over the previous two semesters.

Twenty-two students were inducted into Woodstock’s National Honour Society, an organisation dedicated to recognising students who consistently demonstrate scholarship, leadership, character and service. Michael Rodda and Hadisa Wali received citizenship awards presented by head of student services, Jeff Doerfler. These awards are given for consideration of others, willingless to accept responsibility, maturity, resourcefulness and emotional stability.

The class Valedictorian was announced as having the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) and the Salutatorian as having the next highest GPA over the last three semesters. These were awarded to Priyankar Chand (Valedictorian) and Sukham Kaur (Salutatorian).

After all major awards were presented, principal Dr Jonathan Long gave the Best All Round Student award to Rignor Wangchuk. This is the longest continuously awarded senior prize at Woodstock, established in 1929. The student who obtains this award is judged on scholarship, effort, leadership, participation in extracurricular activities, personal traits, cooperation with the school community, and where relevant, contiribution to residence life.

Dr Long inaugurated the Principal’s Award, given to four students who best exemplify the qualities Woodstock aspires to engender in its students. The recipients have excelled academically, have given selflessly of their time to activities outside the classroom, and have demonstrated leadership. The awardees were Tae Haeng Lee, Priyankar Chand, ShengYao Cheng and Prashansa Dickson.

With a final shout out of Sapere Aude the seniors stumbled out into the sunlight to continue their final week of celebrations. Excellence in education indeed!

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