Engaging Three-Day Sports Fest with Alumni at Woodstock Campus!

Engaging Three-Day Sports Fest with Alumni at Woodstock Campus!

The Alumni Sports Fest had everyone on campus buzzing and busy with games and sessions planned over three days! Students and alumni enjoyed connecting over many sports at the GYM and Hansen Field, and through sessions organised by the Centre for Imagination. Here is quick overview of the three-day fest below!


Alumni in attendance: Devang Pandey ’16, Adityajeet Dagar ’16, Vashisht Agrawal ’17, Neel Mukhija ’19, Dhruv Mukhija ’17, Dhruv Agarwal ’18, Isaac Hishey ’95, Joshua Hishey ’99, Ayaan John ’17, Armaan Boparai ’16, Umang Bansal ’17, Sanjaya (Former Staff) and Ajay Mark ’71 (Former Staff), Shonila Chander (Former Staff), Cate Whitcomb ’66, Eliya Batapa ’23, Prithvi Ramakrshinan ’06, Suheil Tandon ’06, and Jamie Alter ’99.

Highlights from the Alumni Sports fest:

Day 1: The sports festival commenced with Pickleball, sparking two days of games between staff and students. Alumni joined in for games like Kho Kho and other traditional sports in classes, as well as volleyball matches involving staff, alumni, and student teams. A session titled “Cycling for a Change” by Suheil Tandon ’06 and Aryaman ’24 took place at the Centre for Imagination, discussing how the cycling club tied with Suheil’s organization, Pro Sports Development, and ran a fundraiser last year. This was followed by an engaging session on the History of Sports in Mussoorie by Ajay Mark ’71, former HOD Sports and Student Life Coordinator. The session presented numerous historical facts along with pictures from the past.



Day 2: Community Engagement at Woodstock facilitated a visit to Santan Dharam School, where alumni engaged with students through games and conversations. Pickleball continued in the Quad, and a panel discussion was held at the amphitheatre by the Centre for Imagination with Jamie Alter ’99, Prithvi Ramakrishnan ’06, Suheil Tandon ’06, and Ajay Mark ’71 (Former Staff). Evening activities included futsal and basketball matches with students and staff at the Win Mumby Gym.



Day 3: The fest concluded with a game of cricket between the alumni team (with a few staff members) and the student team. The alumni team emerged victorious, showcasing the talent of previous team captains.


We thoroughly enjoyed the excitement and camaraderie during these few days of sports between students, staff, and alumni!


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