Alumni spotlight – Hadisa Wali
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Alumni spotlight – Hadisa Wali

Hadisa Wali, Woodstock alumnus

Alumni spotlight – Hadisa Wali

Hadisa Wali came to Woodstock in 2009, when she was chosen by the Afghan Scholars Initiative (ASI) to attend Woodstock. She had always wanted to go to boarding school and was very excited to move to India.


Founded by Qiam Amiry, ASI gives opportunities to exceptional young Afghan students to learn and grow in an international environment with the aim of becoming future leaders who will help contribute to Afghanistan’s development. After spending three years at Woodstock, Hadisa graduated in 2012. She went on to Millikin University in Illinois where she pursued a BA in Political Science. While at Millikin she has been Vice President of Administration at the Student Senate and a Student Representative to the Millikin Board of Trustees.

We asked her a few questions about Woodstock and how it shaped her.

What were you involved in during your time at Woodstock?

I was involved in a number of activities while at Woodstock including sport – basketball and soccer as well as ballet dance.

Woodstock allowed me to be educated about other cultures and people. It significantly shaped that part of my education and helped me build a bigger world view

What do you miss the most?

I miss Woodstock as a whole. The look and environment of the place. The time I spent at the school was very special to me, as well as the time I spent with some fabulous people.

Hadisa Wali, Woodstock alumnusWho did you most look up to during your time there?

Almost everyone at Woodstock was an idol for me, everyone was so wonderful – I don’t think I can name just one person.

How did Woodstock shape who you are?

That’s a very good question! Woodstock allowed me to be educated about other cultures and people. It significantly shaped that part of my education and helped me build a bigger world view.

What are you involved in now that you’re passionate about?

Soccer has remained something that I am very passionate about. In addition, I have been involved in the student government at my university and I have been a civil rights intern.

Share with us a note on your time in Mussoorie.

I always miss Mussoorie and the beautiful view – memories of it make me want to come back for a visit.

Interview by Tara Menon, Woodstock Alumni Office

Have you heard about Woodstock’s Scholarships for Peace programme?

Woodstock’s Scholarships for Peace initiative actively seeks to enable students from fragile states or conflict-affected regions to join our international community. We hope that by giving them the gift of a Woodstock School education, we can help them grow into enlightened global citizens who can work together to build healthy, sustainable societies. Can you help recommend a student or partner organisation for Scholarships for Peace, or support the programme in other ways?

Scholarships for Peace

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