WOSA In Bhutan

WOSA In Bhutan


WOSA Asia’s formation last year has provided some much-needed encouragement for many alumni groups and networks in different regions to re-engage and strengthen their communities. One effort that we are quite excited to see building up, is from Bhutan. The alumni body from Bhutan is small, but represents a strong community of almost 100 alumni. While most of the world has struggled to meet one another in person over these past 18 months, alumni in Bhutan have had numerous in-person get-togethers. Many attendees are also members of WOSA Asia, continuing to pledge support for strengthening the community and Woodstock School.




Palden Tshering ’91, a council member of WOSA Asia adds, “Bhutan being a small country doesn’t mean we see each other regularly but its an advantage when an event is organized. The WS community here has always enjoyed opportunities to meet over the years and talk about our shared experiences of school. Recently almost everyone has signed up to be a WOSA Asia member which is great in keeping us all connected and in a position top help out when required.”





Here are a few more voices of the WOSA Asia members from Bhutan

Chhimi Seldon and Red Tshering Dorji form the Class of 2019. Both WOSA Asia members and presently studying online until their universities resume face to face classes.

Chuki Norbu Class of 2010 “I miss the Wai Wai with cheese and bun omelettes at Cozy Corner.” Bato Tshering Class of 2010 “I miss plying futsol and going to eat at Kalsangs…baikrapow!” Presently in Bhutan and members of WOSA Asia.

Kesang Dechen Wangchuk Class of 2007 Is an entrepreneur, runs her own business in Bhutan and is a member of WOSA Asia. “Woodstock has some of the best memories with friends, even compared to college.”

Krishan Jhalani Class of 1995 and Sonam Wangmo Dukpa Jhalani Class of 1996 Presently living in Bhutan with their two children and members of WOSA Asia.


Sonam Yangden Tobgyel Class of 2009 Presently working at an NGO for the Bhutan Foundation and a WOSA Asia member. “I miss dorm life at Midlands and how much fun that used to be!”


Enjoy these pictures of the numerous get-together of Alumni in Bhutan! 



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