Art on a Giant Scale

Art on a Giant Scale

Grade 6 art students have been developing their observational skills by going big on some everyday items. Imagining themselves as giants, they’ve made huge replicas of some of their favourite foods and toys in Miss Genevieve’s class. Blowing these up to such a colossal scale compels students to examine items they may have seen a thousand times like never before.


“I was actually about to choose an axe to make but i came to a conclusion that it was tooooooo simple!” says Reyna. “So i decided to make a cupcake instead, consisting of textures, space, shape, form, line and colour. This unit helped me a lot because it made me recognise and pay attention to all the tiny details of any picture so I can try to replicate that artwork. I really cherished adding sprinkles (glitter) to my cupcake.”


“This was a fun activity and I learnt a lot about of formation of objects and the texture of pizza slice.” says Rishit. “I chose this pizza slice its just umm.. it just got in my head because Ms Genevieve told us something on a regular basis so my mind got the idea.”


“I made a gaming console because I looooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeee Lisa and she loves gaming consoles, Lisa was always my favourite.” says Myra.


“Basically, in this piece, i have created the model of a Coke can (a really really really big one),” says Sofya. “I choose this object for a reason: sisterhood. On my last day at home, I cried, not because I am leaving everything behind, but because i miss out on sisterhood. I have two sisters, My twin sister Reyna and my elder sister Saiya. The three of us got really close when we flew to Japan. I  remember how we stayed up late all night playing poker and bluff and writing songs about life! And that, my ladies and gentlemen, was the first time I tasted ‘Coke’. One night, our parents left for a business call, and Saiya bought the three of us a couple of Cokes from the convenience store. From that day, we cherished Coke as a god, for it gave us the source of all life (and a sugar rush) I made the coke can as a reminder for our close bond as it was our most favored item. It is sad, because, when I come back from Woodstock, My sister Saiya will have gone to Stanford. Even now, it makes me smile, remembering the god of our childhood (also known as Coke).”


“This was a fun activity and I learnt a lot of the elements of art and I made the controller because I like playing on my PS4”, says Manan.


Kekhrielhoukho: “I learned to make a gigantic object and I learned to draw and paint.”


Diya: “In art I chose to do sushi because I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee sushi annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd I have three so would you like some?? But I’m not going to give you my salmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



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