Battle of the bands

Battle of the bands

Are you ready to rock? If yes, then get ready to turn your amp up to 11 for Woodstock School’s first ever inter-school Battle of the Bands competition.

On 24 March bands from Woodstock and other schools in Uttarakhand, as well as schools from as far afield as Delhi, will fight it out to win the inaugural inter-school contest.

Organised by Woodstock students, it is hoped the winning band may be able to record an album and receive a cash prize. One of the event organisers, Grade 11 student Uddhav Mehra, said the competition promised to be memorable. “It’s going to be six hours of non-stop beautiful music, so make sure you come along. If you miss it you will miss out!” The event will run from 4pm until 10pm and is open to all high school students. To book a ticket and for more information go to

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