Blankets for the People of Uttarkashi

Blankets for the People of Uttarkashi

A number of local churches in Mussoorie are raising money to send blankets to the people of Uttarkashi affected by recent floods and landslides.

The blankets will be distributed by those in Uttarkashi who know which families were affected and are in need of blankets for the coming winter.

There will be a sale of donated items (clothes, kitchen items, you name it) on Saturday, October 27th at the Friends of Garwhal Church (aka Evangelical Friends Church), located next to the ramp up to Landour Community Hospital. Donations will be accepted, sorted, and priced at this location. Please drop off your donations by Friday, October 26th or before you leave for Activity Week.

This sale will be a way people in Mussoorie can get some decent stuff at a good price and will also benefit people in Uttarkashi!

Anyone interested in volunteering to help sort the donations can contact Rev. Edwin Daliya at his home number 263-0167 or on his mobile +91-7895-104664.

Thanks for helping the people of Uttarkashi, especially as winter is approaching!

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