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Principal’s Views

11 Nov Positive energy

I recently read an interesting article in the science news.  Dr. Olaf Kruse, a biologist at Bielefeld University in Germany published research showing that plants can use other plants as a source of energy in addition to the well-known process of photosynthesis.  We all know that plants need water and...

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A student similes through a magnifying glass

24 Oct Building emotional agility

Two weeks ago, I came across a fascinating concept I hadn’t heard of before. I discovered it through an article kindly sent to me by a Woodstock parent. The article was a summary of Dr Susan David’s new book, 'Emotional Agility'. This concept of emotional agility has helped me to...

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Woodstock student participating in activity week

30 Sep Growing roots and wings

Several times recently different people have forwarded me the following TED Talk by Julie Lythcott-Haims - academic, author and the former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford: [embed width="600" height="480"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nd2ORQOSfw[/embed] It’s a great talk – and I recommend it. Her latest book, “How to Raise an Adult”. Lythcott-Haines makes a powerful case against parents...

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Children at Woodstock School

22 Sep Cultivating emotional connectedness

Fascinating research published by the American Medical Association reports the results of a survey on over 90,000 teenagers – one of the largest ever carried out. The research concluded that ‘emotional connectedness’ was the single most significant factor in protecting young people from emotional distress, violent behaviour, substance abuse and...

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Woodstock students hiking in the Himalayas

17 Aug Education beyond the classroom

Successful intelligence According to Robert Sternberg, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University in the United States, real success in life comes not from test scores and exam results but from what he defines as a synthesis of wisdom, intelligence and creativity – what he calls 'successful intelligence'.  Sternberg experimented...

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A grade three student working hard at Woodstock School

02 Aug Education with grit

Woodstock School Principal, Dr Long, on how important perseverance is to achieving our full educational potential.   Delaying gratification One of the most famous behavioural experiments of the 20th century was carried out at Stanford University in 1972. A marshmallow was offered to children on the understanding that if they could resist eating...

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