Embracing diversity, celebrating belief

Embracing diversity, celebrating belief

To mark the end of Indian Cultural Week we held a special all-school chapel today. As well as a celebration of Indian culture, we embraced the diversity of belief that thrives throughout the Woodstock community, with readings from students representing India’s six main religions – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism.

In all, 16 Indian students from across India were involved in reading prayers and passages of sacred scripture from different traditions. Senior Noah Douglas gave a thought-provoking speech about Dr B R Ambedkar and his role as the principal architect of the Indian Constitution.

Musical accompaniment was supplied by student Aarushi Vardhan, who played the santoor, and staff members Arpana Fernandes and Shadab Begum, who performed a duet, ‘Ay Mere Pyare Watan’. Woodstock Hindustani Church Choir and our Korean Student Choir led us in song and Rev Templeton of Woodstock Hindustani Church performed a bhajan in Sanskrit, Vande Vande Sachidanandam, or Bow to the Creator God. Special guest, Rev Won, performed the Indian national anthem on the panpipes.

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