CFI Student Intern – Alisa

CFI intern Alisa

CFI Student Intern – Alisa

Alisa is a student intern at the Centre for Imagination, with a particular focus on graphic design. She shares her experience of her internship at the CFI.


What attracted you to becoming a CFI intern?

I liked what the CFI was trying to offer Woodstock, and I wanted to help.

What have you done while at the CFI?

I have made a bunch of posters, the CFI brochure and some other merchandise, and the Guiding Principles postcards.

How have you benefited from your time at the CFI?

From what I have noticed, the environment that the CFI provides helps students and staff work in a comfortable space with barely any distractions. Just being able to work freely and exploring different perspectives on projects helped me grow as an individual. Being able to create graphics has helped me have more practice on working on the different designing softwares, such as Photoshop and InDesign.

Would you recommend an internship at the CFI to others?

Yes, I would recommend an internship and the CFI to others, because like I said before, the CFI has a lot of offer to students and the educational system. And I think a lot could be learned if people actually try and participle well in whatever it is that they want to achieve.

What does imagination mean to you?

I guess imagination is the starting point of everything, isn’t it? Innovation grows from imagination, so do people’s ideas. Then I guess, imagination is just thought.

Alisa, CFI Student Intern


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