Crossfit for purpose

Crossfit for purpose

Students have been pushing their fitness to the limits with the help of local instructors. Crossfit, put simply, is a combination of strength and cardiovascular muscular training at high intensity for 20-45 minutes. Steve Luukkonen, Head of PE and Health at Woodstock, drafted in support from Crossfit, Mussoorie in Landour, to help students prepare for Outdoor Learning Weekend Day and his Exercise Physiology crazy class adventure on Tuesday 27 March – a mystery tour of fun and fitness spread across venues on the Mussoorie hillside and beyond.

“I wanted the students to experience Crossfit to open their eyes to the modernisation of fitness,” says Mr Luukkonen. “We need to break the basic fitness mold at Woodstock of treadmill/cardio for 20-30 minutes then weights, by showing students how they can strength train while maxing out their heart rate at the same time!”

This week’s session was the penultimate of five sessions held during February and March, all of which have been focused on metabolic conditioning. Over the weeks, students have been challenged by a range or different training techniques, including EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute), AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible), and Tabata – a type of high-intensity interval training.

“Overall the students have found this quite challenging but a refreshing and fun way to exercise!’ says Mr Luukkonen. “The more our students can expose themselves to fun and new types of ways to exercise, the better are the chances they will get hooked for a lifetime, which is the main purpose of Exercise Physiology – promoting a lifetime of health and fitness!”



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