Global story, global cast

Global story, global cast

Development Associate, Isabella Vogel attended the latest school production. Around the World in 80 days, by Mark Brown, has been adapted from the novel of the same name by Jules Verne. Read her story below.

Each semester, the talented students of Woodstock put on a drama production. This semester, it was Around the World in 80 Days. This marvelous play, which is adapted from Jules Verne’s novel with the same title, is the story of a rich gentleman (Phileas Fogg, played by Michael Wiggins) who accepts a challenge to travel the world in 80 days.

The play was directed by students who did a marvelous job. A better-fitting cast and crew could not have been found for the play, as they were from around the world. Switzerland, Nepal, and Australia were just some of the countries represented. A twist to the play was the role of Passepartout (Fogg’s butler); Simone Louw took it on, and was simply brilliant. The role is traditionally given to men, yet Louw did not let this become an obstacle. Her perfect French accent and enthusiasm brought Passepartout to life.

The accents put on during the performance made the audience travel around the world. The scenes set in the Reform Club in London, would not have been half as captivating if the actors had not, brilliantly, put on their gentlemanly accents. The most apparent crowd pleaser was India. The actors danced to Bollywood songs, and comically portrayed problems faced in daily Indian life. The Indian accents were also excellent, and the acting made it impossible not to burst out in laughter.

The actors and the student directors brought the play to life, yet the stage enabled this. For weeks, the woodshop worked on creating a rotating stage. The wheels were flown in all the way from America! Parker Hall’s stage became a gigantic clock that echoed the play’s theme of time.

The play was a comedy, and a successful one. Every person in the audience had to laugh at one point or the other. All of this was of course only possible due to the talented students and staff, led by Mrs Okie, who worked for months to bring the play to the stage. The play was wonderful!

Photos by Development Associate, Photography, Phuriwat Chiraphisit

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